A better way to manage
D365 Audit Logs

Keep all the history you like, with more features,
plus Power BI reporting at a fraction of the cost

Keep a close eye on your applications

Audit logs provide valuable information that protects your data and keeps you compliant. They also identify errors and track unauthorized or fraudulent changes in your data.

But storing all those logs is getting more complicated and expensive.

To meet the growing needs of every business, Microsoft made changes to how Dynamics 365 will store your data.

Every Dynamics 365 instance is now given a database size, and when you exceed your capacity, you’ll be forced to either free up more space, pay extra, or worse, turn off your audit log history. This leaves you exposed to risk.

Are you ready to change your audit log settings? We don’t think you should have to. We believe you can keep running business as usual and not pay for additional storage if you exceed your capacity.

Keep storing your audit logs the same with Dynamic Audit Locker

The Right Storage

Your data won’t exceed
our storage capacity.

Meeting Compliance

Your data stays
safe and secure.

Save Money

Your workflow stays the same,
and your pricing won’t go up.

Get more storage without
the hassle to upgrade

Dynamic Audit Locker integrates directly into Dynamics 365, so you don’t have to worry about opening a new application to find your audit history. Plus users get the ability to sort and search the audit data, making the arduous task of audit research quick and easy.

How Dynamic Audit Locker works

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How to get started

Schedule a Call

We’ll discuss your storage
needs based on current usage
while taking into consideration
future expectations.


We set up a Azure database
that is fully integrated into your
Dynamics 365 application.

Unlimited Storage

You only pay for what you use, and never worry about exceeding D365 log storage limits. Your data will be safe and secure in Azure and available for all your reporting needs.

A better way to store your audit history logs

Need more storage?

Stop worrying about exceeding your capacity.
Dynamic Audit Locker will give you the storage you need.